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When It Comes To Our Child, What Are The Options?

When splitting from your partner, the No. 1 concern is often how it will affect your children. Making decisions about the future of your family requires the guidance of an experienced attorney. Flood Family Law, LLC, has worked with clients to determine child custody and parenting time arrangements throughout Indiana. We can discuss potential solutions and decide what will work best for your needs.

Creating Solutions That Work Best For Everyone

One thing that sets our firm is apart is how much we care. Our attorney, Katherine E. Flood, understands how emotionally draining these cases can be. This is why she takes the time to understand the situation you are in. By listening with compassion, she can come up with a plan that is tailored to you. For example, coming to terms with a custody or visitation arrangement may not be easy, but it is necessary. We can look at both sides while prioritizing the best interest of the child. We will always try to solve things amicably in and out of court.

When that can’t happen and litigation becomes necessary, we will not back down from a challenge. One of the most difficult situations we deal with is when one party wants to relocate with their child. While it may feel like there isn’t a solution, there are many options you may not be aware of. It is our job to bring them to your attention. As time goes on, modifications to your custody agreement may become necessary. We can also help you accomplish this and ensure both you and your child are protected.

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