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3 Reasons Texas Couples May Choose To Mediate Their Divorce

On Behalf of | May 7, 2023 | Divorce |

Couples in Texas decide to divorce for many different reasons. Maybe as they approach retirement, they recognize they have grown apart over the years. Perhaps there have been abusive incidents, or one spouse may have developed a drinking problem.

Whatever the reason for the divorce, both spouses face major lifestyle and financial changes. They will have to share their marital property and also the responsibility for any minor children they have with one another. Some couples will attend mediation sessions as part of the divorce process instead of going to family court. These are just a few of the reasons why mediation is a popular choice for those who are preparing for the end of a marriage in Texas.

Mediation Is Often More Efficient

The average divorce is very expensive and can take months to resolve. The more time the couple will require in front of a judge, the longer the timeline for the dissolution process. Couples that attend and successfully complete mediation will spend far less time in court, as they will have already reached an agreement about the details and simply need a judge to approve those terms. The overall efficiency typically also means that mediated divorces can cost less than litigated divorces.

The Mediation Process Is Confidential

Couples may feel very strongly that misconduct and issues during the marriage should have a bearing on property division and custody matters, even when the law indicates that the influence of those factors will be minimal. It is possible for people to discuss those issues in a private manner in mediation without those problems becoming part of the public record.

Couples Keep Control When They Mediate

The Texas law judge decides what happens with community property and with child custody matters if spouses litigate. Those that go through mediation have total control over the terms they set. Especially if there are young children or children with special needs in the family or resources like a business that require careful consideration, mediation may be the best solution for a Texas divorce.

Seeking legal guidance and employing appropriate tools during the divorce process can help people achieve the best outcome and eliminate some of the issues that often arise during and after divorce.