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What Happens If Your Former Spouse Violates A Custody Order?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If an Indiana judge has awarded you and your former spouse joint physical custody of your child, you might be relieved to know that you’ll still play a major part in your child’s life. However, you’ll also have to deal with your former spouse for the next several years. To make matters worse, your former spouse might routinely violate the judge’s custody order.

What Can You Do If Your Former Spouse Doesn’t Follow The Custody Order?

When a judge makes a ruling on a child custody case, you and your former spouse have to abide by that ruling, regardless of whether it’s what you actually wanted. However, your former spouse might not have malicious intentions. If they forget to pick up your child once or twice, they might have simply lost track of time or had trouble getting off work. Try talking to your former spouse and make sure that they understand the importance of arriving on time.

If your former spouse repeatedly violates the custody order, they might be acting deliberately. At that point, you could hire a child custody attorney and take the case back to court. The judge might order your former spouse to abide by the custody order. If necessary, the judge might also adjust the order so that it fits with everyone’s schedule.

When you suspect that your former spouse is trying to cause trouble, make sure you document every time that they violate the custody order. You might be able to use this evidence to make your case in the courtroom. If the situation continues to deteriorate, you might need to request a new child custody schedule altogether.

How Can You Deal With A Spiteful Former Spouse?

While some divorces end amicably, others end with bitterness and tears. One party might try to get back at the other by using their child against them. When the parent tries to fight back, their former spouse drags them into another legal battle. If you’re dealing with a hostile former spouse, an attorney could help you take steps to protect yourself from legal threats.