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What should you know about grey divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Divorce |

Grey divorce refers to marital dissolutions that occur after the age of 50, generally involving couples who have been together for many years. These divorce cases present unique challenges and considerations that often differ significantly from those that younger couples face.

One of the critical aspects of grey divorce is the complexity of the financial implications, which are often more intricate due to the longer duration of a marriage and more consequential due to the spouses’ nearness to retirement. These challenges require careful consideration to better ensure a stable financial future post-divorce.

Asset division in grey divorce

Asset division can be a complex aspect of any divorce, but it is often particularly intricate in grey divorces. Long-married couples often accumulate significant shared assets, including property, investments and retirement accounts.

Dividing these assets equitably can be complex. It requires a clear understanding of both parties’ financial situations. Considering the long-term implications of how assets are divided is important because decisions made during the divorce can significantly impact each individual’s financial security in their remaining years.

Impact on standards of living

A grey divorce can lead to substantial changes in the standard of living for both parties. The income and resources that once supported one household now need to stretch to support two separate living arrangements. This adjustment often means downsizing or reevaluating spending habits.

Additionally, if one partner was primarily responsible for financial decisions during the marriage, the other might need to quickly develop financial literacy skills to manage their new situation effectively.

Reassessing retirement and employment

Retirement plans can be significantly affected for many individuals going through a grey divorce. The division of retirement accounts and pensions is a critical issue that must be addressed.

In some cases, the financial impact of the divorce may mean having to delay retirement or adjust retirement lifestyle expectations. For those who have been out of the workforce for a significant period, there might be a need to re-enter the workforce to ensure financial stability. This transition can be challenging, particularly in a rapidly changing job market.

Anyone going through a grey divorce should ensure they understand their options for handling every aspect of the property division. Working with someone familiar with these matters can make this process more efficient and effective.